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Optima Thermal Printsystems - OP 210-2

Optima Thermal Printsystems  - OP 210-2
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  • Brand: Optima
  • Product Code: Optima Printsystems - OP 210-2 A4 THERMAL PRINTER
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Rs.10,000
  • Ex Tax: Rs.10,000

Noise level

...get your information without the constant chatter of the printer.
The OP 210-2 provides its messages on roll paper as noiseless as a whisper.
With 60 mm per second it prints onto the company table.
In the case of telex print every voucher can be automatically
cut at the voucher end "as if by magic".

Purpose of use

The OP 210-2 has been designed especially for use in press agencies,
publishing houses, laboratories, airline industries, hospitals
and other high volume print user industries.
It is no secret that reliability is an important thing in
areas where roll printing is in demand.
Unsupervised printing operations are so possible
with the OP 210-2 without problems.
If the paper roll should be empty, the data is memorised automatically.
Only when you insert new paper, the printer continues its operation.
Therefore data loss is avoided.

Paper feeding

The paper handling of the OP 210-2 has been perfectly designed.
At the end of the printing process a forward feed to the last readable
line is effected.
You can immediately find the news.
You can instantaneously accept the message,
if you want it: you press the key and the voucher is properly cut at the right position.
For further printing the OP 210-2 withdraws the paper economically again.
You can use paper rolls up to a diameter of 152 mm (6") and a
maximum width of 210 & 220 mm for the OP 210-2.
The printing on the paper roll allows exactly fitting end formats.


The operation of the OP 210-2 is very easy.
The brilliant construction of the metal housing with integrated paper roll
makes the operation of the printer possible almost anywhere.
Even if you have to change the paper you do not need special knowledge,
since you only insert the roll in a hollow inside the printer.
Paper blocking or operation errors are nearly excluded.
You can also use it easily in every situation.
All device adjustments are carried out with the help
of an easy to use configuration software.
The menu control makes this very easy.
Operation malfunctioning is reduced to a minimum.
So you may also use the device in very difficult surroundings!

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